Two small red boats moored in this tiny harbour named Powder Hole is situated in the lagoon on the Teesmouth side of South Gare. The remains of the Powder Jetty dates from the First World War or earlier. The Redcar Ore Terminal, its two cranes which are used to unload ships containing the iron ore and coal for the Redcar Blast furnace, can be seen in the distance on right hand side of the image.

Last Rays at Powder Hole

Signed, titled and numbered limited edition giclée print
(total edition run: 45 prints in each size, plus 10 artists'
proofs) each supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity
signed by me.

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Printed in the United Kingdom on archival grade, acid-free,100% cotton rag (exceeding ISO Standard 9706) using a giclée printer with a pigment-based ink system. The paper weight exceeds 300gsm (grammes per square metre). The word giclée (pronounced gee-clay) is that given to the method of computer-based, plate-less fine art printing developed in the late 1980’s. The image is stored digitally enabling a high level of consistency throughout the printed edition. Very high resolution reproductions can be obtained using this method of printing ensuring the print remains faithful to the original artwork.